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Mississippi Songwriters Festival - Recap

This year I was lucky to be invited to the Mississippi Songwriters Festival - Delta Edition, held at the majestic Ellis Theater in Cleveland Mississippi. During my round, I performed three songs, Riverboat Gambler, In the Willows, and Never Let'm See You Cry. I played my trusty Recording King, which has a coll slotted but unbranded headstock. I used my Myers Pickup amplification system to electrify my acoustic. The tone was sweet, the songs where on point, and the audience was extremely responsive. In my round, I was joined by the remarkable song writer and great friend, Craig Adams. He is in the studio now working on a new album, but you can get his previous release on all streaming services.

Below are a few clips from the night. During the last chorus on Never Let'm See You Cry the power went off as we were in the middle of a thunderstorm with golf ball size hail. However, like any musician, you quickly adapt and belt it out for all to here. I hope you enjoy. If interested in booking, please email

Mississippi Songwriters Festival
Mississippi Songwriters Festival

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