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Willie & Me - Magic Show CD

Willie & Me - Magic Show CD

Nominated for Honest Tune magazine's Album of the Year, Magic Show is the musical birth of Ron Etheridge, Will Coppage, Jason Moore, and Chris Payne. All of which have continued to create a successfull and stellar career in music as performers and recording artist. 


Found in W&M's manager, Geoff Hanson's attic, you can now enjoy the funky rock tunes of one of NC's top bands in the early/mid 2000s. Hear where it all began with Magic Show.




Willie and Me bio:


Willie and Me formed in Wilmington, NC. in 2001 when Mississippi natives Ron Etheridge and Will "Willie" Coppage adopted the Port City as their new home. The two guitar/vocalists linked up with bass player Jason Moore and drummer Chris Payne and Willie and Me was born. In 2006 Will Chacon took over the role as drummer. The band calls its music “Grooves for the soul.” Willie and Me has built a steady following over the years and now boasts a loyal fan base across the state of North Carolina and Southern region on the United States. 


The band’s roots oriented rock n’ roll caught the attention of local film and music producer Geoffrey Hanson, best known for his work with Widespread Panic (Live at Oak Mountain and The Earth Will Swallow You) and as the writer and producer of the cult film Scrapple. Hanson’s Saltwater Productions recently signed a management deal with Willie and Me and hopes to extend the band’s following across the country.


"I've recorded with Widespread Panic, Taj Mahal, JJ Cale, The Radiators and Jorma Kaukonen. I've seen a lot of music in my day, and Willie and Me is the real deal," Hanson said. " Check them out and you'll know exactly what I mean. "

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