Thursday, September 13, 2012

Forthcoming Publication (Chapbook) - Fantasies of Men

I am happy to announce my chapbook manuscript will be published by Main Street Rag. The manuscript won their 2012 Chapbook Contest. The chapbook should be available early 2013. Below is the list of winning manuscripts.


Winner: Fantasies of Men by William Lusk Coppage, Carolina Beach, NC.

Runners up:

New Refrains from a Dead Horn, Robert Morris, Clinton, LA.
Scrap Metal Mantra Poems by Ken Meisel, Dearborn, MI.
Recombinant Loves by Lisa Haag Kang, Washington, MO.
River of Saris by Lavinia Kumar, Plainsboro, NJ.
Working the Line by Jodi Barnes, Cary, NC.
Honorable Mentions/Judges' Selections:
Acme Book of Love by Amy Ash, Lawrence, KS.
Portrait From the Interior of a Disintegrating Mind by Flower Conroy, Key West, FL.
Unwelcomed Guest by Nancy B. Richardson, South Burlington, VT.