Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer 2012 - Catching up (publications/jobs/music)

I feel that I have neglected my readers this summer, and for that I do apologize. I am hoping to reboot Music Mondays. I also plan to start a couple of new features. I also will start to review male grooming products over at Vegan In.

The biggest change in my life right now is that I am in between jobs. I had to make some career decisions and at this point in my life, after teaching college English for four years, I just need to take a break from academia. I do have a new job on the horizon, but I am waiting to post any information until it is official and papers have been signed.

So what have I been doing with my time, you ask? I would love to say creating one hell of a writing schedule, but alas, while I have been writing, too much free time is the killer of motivation for me. However, much of my writing this summer, and really this past year has been focused on songwriting. My band, My Heart Belongs to Buffalo, is increasing their fan base in the Port City area. We hope to have our first E.P. out in the Fall. It is a good feeling to be living back on the East Coast and able to perform and be in an area that really supports live music. Sometimes, it is hard, because of how much great music it is in the area.

Lastly, this has been a great year for me as a writer. Lots of great milestones and publications. I will post the links below to some of my new works that is floating around on the web.

Deep South Magazine - "The Levee"
The Pedestal - "The Continuing Story of Robert Johnson"

Well, the biggest news I have are in reference to chapbooks. Early this summer I was contacted by Yellow Flag Press. I cannot stress enough how great J. Bruce Fuller is over at YFP. Over the past four years he has printed at least two broadsides of mine a year. He contacted me with the idea that he wanted to print a small chapbook that contained all the broadside of mine that he has printed. So in May, Borrowing Night From Day was released, and now is on its 3rd Pressing. These are all limited edition chapbooks. Please visit the link above and purchase yours.

Now for even bigger news: I was just contacted and informed I won the Main Street Rag 2012 Chapbook Contest. MSR will be publishing my chapbook manuscript, Fantasies of Men. I will of course post more information as it becomes available.