Monday, July 30, 2012

Music Mondays (7.30.2012) - St. Vincent

For any artist, I think it is a long journey to realize that its the spaces that are most important. What I mean is, think of even line break. Words on a page. It is the spaces between the words that give each word power and even rhythm. Artists use this idea to attract the eye to aspects of the canvas. This is also very easy to see in music. Take a single sustained tone or note. That is all it is. Then you begin breaking it up and then rhythm and melody begins to be created. I think of the great wind instruments that rely on breath, compared to guitar. Guitar plays can blister and burn the strings without stopping (think of the 80's hair metal), but a wind player, has to pause for breath. The notes that are being played are part of his/her voice. Think of the great musicians that you know. It's like when you are flipping through the radio stations and for a brief second hear a solo and immediately know it is. It is there voice. There breath translated through an instrument.

This idea can even be thrown into our lives. If we choose to just go, go, go, we are not tapping into a rhythm, our voice. We are just going to run out of steam by throwing note after note into the ring without letting each ring out.

Well on to the music.....

I have been getting into St. Vincent lately. The singer/guitarist goes from melodious choir like singing to crazy, absurd Zappa-esque guitar riffs. Really intense stuff. But what I really enjoy about St. Vincent is the space that is created. Lots of room to breathe. I hope you enjoy.