Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Publication - Swamp Lily Review

The fine folks over at Swamp Lily Review has teamed up with Yellow Flag Press to rerelease all of the poetry and artwork that appeared in Yellow Flag Press's Vision/Verse 4. Please visit the website to view both the poetry and the artwork. Two of my poems are featured: "Blood and the Blade" and "Borrowing Night from Day."

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Alligator Harvest - New Mississippi State Record (13 ft 1.5 in, 697.5 lbs)

I am happy to say that my uncle (Jim Reed - far right), along with a group of hunters, harvested the new Mississippi state record for an alligator (13 foot 1.5inches and 697.5 lbs). While I am not big on hunting, I support my family and offer them a hearty congratulations. My uncle has been hunting gators for about 4 years now. In Mississippi, gators are now moving into more populated areas, causing a threat to humans and other domesticated pets. 
Sept. 22, 2012: In this photo released by Austin Winter, Jim Reed of Greenville, Miss., Michael Robbers, of Palos Verdes, Calif., Tom Grant, of Cleveland, Miss., and Kenny Winter, of Greenville, Miss., stand behind the record alligator they caught, in Fitler, Miss. The gator weighed in at 697.5 pounds, breaking the Mississippi state record by seven pounds. (AP)

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The Pinch - Pick Up Your Copy Today

My poem, "The Crossing" is in the newest issue of The Pinch from the University of Memphis. Please visit their website and pick up a copy today.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dapper.Autumn, 2012

What is Dapper Autumn you ask? Dapper Autumn is an idea conceived by myself and friend, Jason Mott. One day we were talking about style and how with men's style in particular, there appears to be a resurgence of style and "manly" rituals. What I mean by that is that it appears to be an emphasis placed on masculinity with style. With the popularity of shows such as Boardwalk Empire and Madmen, this idea can easily be seen.

Also today on the web, there are countless resources for men's style. Art of Manliness addresses all things from dress and grooming to virtues and tips on being a man. Another great web resource is Badger and Blade which focuses not just on shaving but all aspects of fine male living.

So let us get back to Dapper Autumn. What is it? It is only a pledge that in the last quarter of the year, you try to have style. Now that brings up, what is style. Style is composed on many things and mostly not just about dress. It is appearance, but it is part attitude, part confidence, the willingness of effort in dress.

So what we are asking is that in this last quarter of 2012 (which begins on October 1st), when going out in public (or hell, when just sitting around), try to present oneself with style. We hope that the positive attitude in the physical appearance will also create a positive attitude in the mind.

Another quick point we would like to make is that style does not have to be expensive. That is one of the main things that got us talking about this. We both commented on the clothes in GQ. There is no way on any budget could we afford those things. So again, try to create your own style. Stay positive.

If you are on twitter, please share pictures from Dapper Autumn with hashtag #dapperautumn

Day 1
Day 2

Monday, October 1, 2012

"I Am Goodbye" - Bonnie "Prince" Billy

For today's music monday I thought I would share a tune that always gets me smiling. The structure almost reminds me of a Billy Collins poem, in the idea that Collins will set something up and then usual negate it (Check out "Litany"). If nothing else, the way the video is shot is entertaining.

Wonder Years (Family Photos)

This past weekend my mother visited Missy and I. She brought a great surprise: boxes full of family photos. (Cue the nostalgic theme music). During this past year I have had the misfortune of a job search, which has led me to feeling down. Employment appears impossible to find. However, these pictures transported myself back to a "carefree" time. We spent a great deal of our time just talking about family and all the hard times that everyone must endure. I was left with a very positive feeling. I hope you enjoy.



Thursday, September 13, 2012

Forthcoming Publication (Chapbook) - Fantasies of Men

I am happy to announce my chapbook manuscript will be published by Main Street Rag. The manuscript won their 2012 Chapbook Contest. The chapbook should be available early 2013. Below is the list of winning manuscripts.


Winner: Fantasies of Men by William Lusk Coppage, Carolina Beach, NC.

Runners up:

New Refrains from a Dead Horn, Robert Morris, Clinton, LA.
Scrap Metal Mantra Poems by Ken Meisel, Dearborn, MI.
Recombinant Loves by Lisa Haag Kang, Washington, MO.
River of Saris by Lavinia Kumar, Plainsboro, NJ.
Working the Line by Jodi Barnes, Cary, NC.
Honorable Mentions/Judges' Selections:
Acme Book of Love by Amy Ash, Lawrence, KS.
Portrait From the Interior of a Disintegrating Mind by Flower Conroy, Key West, FL.
Unwelcomed Guest by Nancy B. Richardson, South Burlington, VT.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Working on E.P - My Heart Belongs to Buffalo

This past summer we (My Heart Belongs to Buffalo) have been working on our first E.P. It is due out in Fall of 2012. Below are a few teasers of us cleaning a few tracks up.

And for some fun, this is a video our drummer made to address all of the bands out there covering our music.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Music Mondays (7.30.2012) - St. Vincent

For any artist, I think it is a long journey to realize that its the spaces that are most important. What I mean is, think of even line break. Words on a page. It is the spaces between the words that give each word power and even rhythm. Artists use this idea to attract the eye to aspects of the canvas. This is also very easy to see in music. Take a single sustained tone or note. That is all it is. Then you begin breaking it up and then rhythm and melody begins to be created. I think of the great wind instruments that rely on breath, compared to guitar. Guitar plays can blister and burn the strings without stopping (think of the 80's hair metal), but a wind player, has to pause for breath. The notes that are being played are part of his/her voice. Think of the great musicians that you know. It's like when you are flipping through the radio stations and for a brief second hear a solo and immediately know it is. It is there voice. There breath translated through an instrument.

This idea can even be thrown into our lives. If we choose to just go, go, go, we are not tapping into a rhythm, our voice. We are just going to run out of steam by throwing note after note into the ring without letting each ring out.

Well on to the music.....

I have been getting into St. Vincent lately. The singer/guitarist goes from melodious choir like singing to crazy, absurd Zappa-esque guitar riffs. Really intense stuff. But what I really enjoy about St. Vincent is the space that is created. Lots of room to breathe. I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer 2012 - Catching up (publications/jobs/music)

I feel that I have neglected my readers this summer, and for that I do apologize. I am hoping to reboot Music Mondays. I also plan to start a couple of new features. I also will start to review male grooming products over at Vegan In.

The biggest change in my life right now is that I am in between jobs. I had to make some career decisions and at this point in my life, after teaching college English for four years, I just need to take a break from academia. I do have a new job on the horizon, but I am waiting to post any information until it is official and papers have been signed.

So what have I been doing with my time, you ask? I would love to say creating one hell of a writing schedule, but alas, while I have been writing, too much free time is the killer of motivation for me. However, much of my writing this summer, and really this past year has been focused on songwriting. My band, My Heart Belongs to Buffalo, is increasing their fan base in the Port City area. We hope to have our first E.P. out in the Fall. It is a good feeling to be living back on the East Coast and able to perform and be in an area that really supports live music. Sometimes, it is hard, because of how much great music it is in the area.

Lastly, this has been a great year for me as a writer. Lots of great milestones and publications. I will post the links below to some of my new works that is floating around on the web.

Deep South Magazine - "The Levee"
The Pedestal - "The Continuing Story of Robert Johnson"

Well, the biggest news I have are in reference to chapbooks. Early this summer I was contacted by Yellow Flag Press. I cannot stress enough how great J. Bruce Fuller is over at YFP. Over the past four years he has printed at least two broadsides of mine a year. He contacted me with the idea that he wanted to print a small chapbook that contained all the broadside of mine that he has printed. So in May, Borrowing Night From Day was released, and now is on its 3rd Pressing. These are all limited edition chapbooks. Please visit the link above and purchase yours.

Now for even bigger news: I was just contacted and informed I won the Main Street Rag 2012 Chapbook Contest. MSR will be publishing my chapbook manuscript, Fantasies of Men. I will of course post more information as it becomes available.



Monday, July 16, 2012


Its time for a little housecleaning here. The site will be under construction...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I have been Slack

Yes, I know. I have not posted in awhile. Lot has happened. Now that summer is here I know I will have more time.

So, me looking for a new post this week updating on all the happenings and then I can get back to the usually rants on literature, movies, music, and the culture that is in a flux.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flood of 2011 - A Year Later

My family was celebrating Easter in 2011 when the river report came in that soon record levels would be hitting the Delta. It was a strange day. Our nature family, twenty plus, enjoyed the day while recollecting stories in fear that this world that has been carved out along the MS River might not exist.

Now it is a year later and the house is almost complete. Furniture has begun to be moved back in.

This year for spring break I went back home and was able to explore the area. Unfortunately, many house exist as abandoned relics, some still owned by those that still due not have the answers and others now purchased by the government.

Below are some of the pictures I took while exploring the area.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Deep South Magazine: "The Levee" - National Poetry Month

In honor of National Poetry Month, Deep South Magazine is putting up one new poem a day during the month of April. All of the poems are from Southern Writers or contain Southern themes. Today, they posted my poem, "The Levee." Please visit and enjoy.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Publications on the Horizon

It was been awhile since my last post. Work has been kicking my butt. However, it seems that I do have some fruits of labor to share. I have a handful of upcoming publications. I will keep everyone posted.

  • Passages North (Forthcoming): "Fantasies of Men;"
  • The Pedestal (Forthcoming): "The Continuing Story of Robert Johnson;"
  • The Greensboro Review (forthcoming): "Work Song;"
  • Tapestry (Forthcoming): "River Monster;"
  • Deep South Magazine (Forthcoming): "The Levee;"
  • The Pinch (Forthcoming): "Crossing;"