Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shop Local for the Holiday (update: with Freaker coupon code)

Now, I am not one to jump up on any soapbox, but I do feel that there is a new sense of camaraderie in america with the buying of local products. In the last few years, farmers markets have gained mass popularity. With that, products beyond produce are being sold. This is a good thing. I wanted to give a couple of shopping spots for NC locals.

1. Freaker USA: The Home of the Freaker (Made in NC). What is a Freaker you ask? Well, simply put it is a knit drink koozie that can bend and stretch and still hold its shape. It can fit over anything from a cup of coffee from Port City Java or Java Dog to your favorite brew to a 5th of Jamison (yes, I have tried it. I didn't want my 5th to catch a cold) to bottles of wine and even a 40oz beer. I am waiting to test mine on a handle (liter) of crown.

Here is a really cool video that introduces you to the Freaker: The Birth of the Freaker.

Coupon code good through the holidays: 

2. Allison Weeks Thomas: Illustrator. I cannot say enough kind words about Allie and her work. I am lucky to have known her for around 10 years now. Over the past few years she begun to create anything from jewelry to prints to ornaments and tote bags. All of these items are illustrated with her own designs. Please visit her website or her Etsy shop. Be on the look out for her designs and products at galleries and boutiques in Wilmington.

3. Old Books of Front Street: Old books are the best books. They have the feel, the smell. The pages are already worn. Old Books have been in operation in Wilmington since 1982. They have a huge selection of books, as well as a cafe inside. Old Books also host numerous weekly events such as readings. Please visit their website or facebook page.

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