Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Well, many of you know, my wife and I are leaving Lake Charles. I found a job teaching Dev. English at Cape Fear Community College back in Wilmington, NC. We are very excited about the move. We found a house at Carolina Beach, so amps the excitement level up tremendously. The house is about 4 blocks from the beach and 1 block from the library. Many of our friends still live in Wilmington, which was the largest factor in heading back tot the East Coast. Missy will leave before me in the middle of the month and then I will head that was at the end of the month. Half of our house is packed and the other half is having to wait till right before the move. It is strange, out dogs and cats all can tell something is up. The boxes makes one of the dogs mope around, while the other is going crazy, bouncing off the boxes.

I will try to keep up with my music monday post while in the transition. Do not hold it against me if I miss one. I will keep you posted on the move and all other strange happenings. later.

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