Monday, June 13, 2011

Music Mondays (6/13/2011): Patricia Fargnoli and Rev. Gary Davis

"Remaking "Les Deux Mulets"
after Chagall

I have cut away the bandit with the knife in his teeth
and now I can pretend the red on the chest of the mule
is not blood but blossom. I have cut away the bags of grain
that were lying on the mule's back, making of themselves a burden.
I have buried then behind the night. And now I can pretend
the second mule is only sleeping; I can pretend the night
pulses with dreaming, imagine extravagant music.
This is how I want to handle the trouble
in the world: fracture the sky into floating triangles, give it
not one moon but two, mount the changed earth
against a yellow background,
turn all the murders into sleeping peaceful bodies.

--from Patricia Fargnoli's Duties of the Spirit


"Death Don't Have No Mercy"
by Rev. Gary Davis

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