Monday, May 9, 2011

Music Mondays (5/9/2011): Denis Johnson and Otis Redding

"Street Scene"
by Denis Johnson

Everything is water:
the pigeon trying to work his mutilated
wing; the crowd that draws a brand of peace
from his circular dance before the theater;
the woman in the aluminum hat who rises
out of the sidewalk on an elevator softly
through metal doors that part above her like water--

telling myself that no one can walk on the water,
nobody can take these little ones softly
enough against his chest. The flood rises
and the pigeons show us how to die before the theater,
where terror is only the aftermath of peace
full of sharks, the mutilated
surface over the falling deep, only water.

--from the collection, The Veil


Otis Redding
"You Don't Miss Your Water" from Otis Blue

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