Saturday, May 7, 2011

Leading up to the 2011 Flood

"If you are lucky enough to live by water, you're lucky enough."
That proverb hung in our downstairs bathroom.

Well, I am sure most have heard or seen the news that the Mississippi River is taking a toll on the river folks. My town, Greenville, MS, is getting hit hard. There is a deep history of the river flooding the area: 1927, 1973, 2008, and the present. I wanted to post a few pics of our house. We live on Lake Ferguson, which is directly fed from the Mississippi River.

This is our house in 2005

This is our house in 2006

This is our house in 2008 (the water crested at 57.8)

The 2008 flood gutted our first two floors (including kitchen and living room). Here are some pics after the waters had left:

We rebuilt the kitchen and living room (and raised it higher). These pictures are taken from Easter of 2011. This day we just received word that the river would crest at least at 60 Feet.

Today, May 7, the river is at 58.3 in Greenville. It is scheduled to crest at 64.5 on May 17. This means water will be in the upper floor. I hope to have new pics up soon. The Levee Patrol has deemed it illegal to be on the Levee after this weekend, so we will just have to wait and see.


  1. I don't understand this part: "the Levee Patrol has deemed it illegal to be on the Levee after this weekend." Does that mean residents are ordered to leave? Can you not stay and be with your house while it floods if you want to be? What about your animals, etc?

  2. yes, you have to leave. It is a mandatory evac from what I understand if you live on the lake. The power is already cut. There is no dry land. I will try to find the mandate posted online, but there is no land or really no where for residents to be. Nothing is left. I know the vet is helping residents board their animals. We took ours to another town to a family member. We keep you posted.

    Keep in mind, many times crime rises. Since you can boat in to the houses, officials cannot tell who are residents and who should not be there. Since the residents were notified with time to pack and leave, the law has decided an easy way to curb crime, as well as just trying to avoid injury is to ban all traffic on the West side of the levee.

  3. found this, per city of Greenville (I will post link at the bottom):

    Levee will be CLOSED to everyone starting at Saturday night at Midnight. No exceptions!
    Only Levee Board, Corps of Engineers, High-water Inspectors, Game Wardens & Law
    Enforcement Officers will be allowed on top. Anyone else will be arrested.


    Residents on Lake Ferguson are advised evacuate if they have not already done so. Electricity will
    no longer available once the river stage reaches 54 feet. Once the levee entrances are closed, there
    will be absolutely no boat launches from the levee. Residents from the Lake Ferguson area should
    secure their belongings as soon as possible.


    - Washington County Emergency Management – 662-335-1945
    - Levee Board – 662-334-4813
    - City of Greenville – 662-378-1501

  4. Crime?? In the middle--the MIDDLE--of a lake? People are so bizarre. This is all really something, I've gotta say. I am interestedly watching your family's situation.