Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Music Mondays (Belated):John Prine and William Carlos Williams

This past week has been crazy. I had to go back home to MS (which some videos and pics have been posted) and was not able to prepare a Music Mondays post. I apologize. The trip, however, gave me a great opportunity to listen to music. I deleted my entire ipod and loaded up some reloaded the entire thing with some of my favorites for the road. One musician that I realized kept popping up on random was John Prine. I have discussed the differences between songwriters and poets before on this blog, but I feel John Prine is one of those few examples that crosses over to the poet numerous times. His songs are extremely narrative and paint a picture of rural Americana. He is a storyteller that uses song (melody, rhythm, harmony, image). His straight forward language reminded me tremendously of William Carlos Williams. So for a belated Music Monday, I give you John Prine, "Bruised Oranges," and William Carlos Williams, "The Widow's Lament in Springtime"


The Widow's Lament in Springtime

by William Carlos Williams

Sorrow is my own yard

where the new grass

flames as it has flamed

often before but not

with the cold fire

that closes round me this year.

Thirtyfive years

I lived with my husband.

The plumtree is white today

with masses of flowers.

Masses of flowers

load the cherry branches

and color some bushes

yellow and some red

but the grief in my heart

is stronger than they

for though they were my joy

formerly, today I notice them

and turn away forgetting.

Today my son told me

that in the meadows,

at the edge of the heavy woods

in the distance, he saw

trees of white flowers.

I feel that I would like

to go there

and fall into those flowers

and sink into the marsh near them.

--taken from poets.org

To me, it does not get much better.

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