Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Addition to the Coppage Household: New Puppy (Update: We have a Name and Video)

(Update: Video embedded at bottom of post)

Townes Coppage

5 month old, Border Collie. We adopted him from the University Animal Clinic on McNeese Street. He was found on the HWY near Sulpher. His collar had been cutting into his neck. As soon as he have a name (Update: Townes), we will let everyone know. Jolene and him got along pretty well today. We let them meet and we will pick him up tomorrow.

Here is the rest of the Coppage crew:




Video: Townes and Jolene Playing Together, Finally.


  1. I think you should focus on writing Children's stories; you will have plenty of inspiration!
    Love Mom

  2. All-star-doggie-wrestling is the greatest spectator sport ever! I love the new puppy's name too...and pleased to see they get along so well so fast!