Friday, January 21, 2011

Upcoming Reading - The Porch, February 4th, 2011

On Friday, February 4th, MFA poetry candidates J. Bruce Fuller and William Lusk Coppage will give a reading of their work at The Porch Coffeehouse and Cafe at 7 pm. The Porch initiated a monthly poetry series to be held on the first Friday of each month. Last month members from the Bayou Writers Group read at the inaugural installation for the series. Next month, on Friday, March 4th, Louisiana Poet Laureate Darrell Bourque will give a solo reading.

I am extremely excited to be reading again with friend and poet, J. Bruce Fuller. If you remember, we read together this past summer at Ole Miss for the Southern Writers/Southern Writing conference.

Also, if you live in Lake Charles and are not familiar with The Porch, please follow the link. Not only do they serve up gourmet coffee, they have a full kitchen and bar. On the weekend they have live music.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Delta Holiday 2010

Bob Dylan sings, "The only thing I did wrong, was stay in Mississippi a day too long."

While I will defend my home state, I understand what he means. Going back home for the holidays is one of those surreal moments. Living outside of the city, I feel like a king. We are able to make noise, shoot guns, spotlight deer (no killing- remember I am Vegan), crank our guitars up, drink beer at noon, do anything. Imagination is our only limitation. It is this that I really uphold and defend growing up in Mississippi and especially the Delta--as a child/teenager the Delta embraced testing boundaries. In poetry, we always hear, you must learn the rules before you can break them. That is true, but how do you learn? You must first explore and sometimes go to far. This is the Mississippi Delta. A place that allows you to explore.

I thought I would share some Holiday Memories of family, friends and good times.

My Wife, Missy, and I

Nephew Cole and our present to him, Billy Bob Buck Teeth Pacifier

Me Throwing Pumpkins in Lake Ferguson. It's about to be target practice time.
Missy with her "Killer" face
This tree had to be cut down. In 2008 when our house was destroyed by the MS River flood, the water was slightly higher from where this tree was cut down
One of the greatest parts about coming home for the holidays is the Annual Xmas Jam. Christmas night all of the musicians that have moved away (most to NC) get together and perform. A special thanks always goes out to David Weiss for putting it all together.

Ron Etheridge (guitar/vocals - Willie and Me/A Few Good Liars), Mike Slaton (guitar/vocals - Coon Phat Gravy), Andrew Breedlove (Guitar - Trey Hawkins Band), William Coppage (guitar/vocals - Willie and Me/My Heart Belongs to Buffalo), Chris "Brisket" Livingston (bass/vocals - Coon Phat Gravy/My Heart Belongs to Buffalo), Jonathan Breedlove (drums - Trey Hawkins Band)
Ron and Mike
Jonathan and Brisket
Ron, Mike, and Brisket
It is always an amazing turn out in the Delta. And yes, that is my Missy dancing in the front.
Spectator's Bar and Grill, Greenville, MS

Mike, Andrew, Jonathan, Myself, Ron, Jay Lang (guitar), Brisket. Charles Thomas (drums) and Rob Mortimor (guitar) also played but are not pictured.

What a holiday. Always when leaving the Delta recharges my creativity, but at the same time, many days must be spent in "detox."

Happy New Years and Best Wishes to all in 2011

Video - Amy Fleury, "Assumptions"

Amy Fleury, the Director of Creative Writing at McNeese State University, was recently published in the anthology, In Their Cups, edited by A.J. Rathbun. The anthology contains poems about "drinking places, drinks, and drinkers."

A few of the authors of this collection were asked to send a video of them reading their poem. The videos are being featured on the PBS website. Amy asked myself and Brendan Egan to help out filming her read her poem, "Assumptions."